Choosing the Best Handrails for Your Home or Office

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Aspects to Consider When Ordering Formwork Tubing for Column Construction

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Innovation is essential to winning contracts in the construction industry. Further, clients are always on the lookout for contractors that work within tight schedules, thereby allowing for cost saving. The use of formatubes in the construction of columns is one such innovation. Notably, a lot of work has gone into the formatube technology, and as a construction contractor, it is critical to keep abreast with such milestones. This article highlights some of the latest developments that you should consider when purchasing formatubes. Read More»

Reasons Why Steel Fabricators Prefer Tungsten Welding for Joinery

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Steel is one of the most popular metals used in building and construction. The significant benefits of steel include its high tensile strength, durability, malleability and high yield point. One of the major determinants of the structural integrity of items fabricated with steel is the welding process used to bring the parts of the metal together. Tungsten Arc Welding(GTAW) is the most common and popular welding process for steel. Here are the reasons why fabricators prefer this method. Read More»

Choosing The Best Air Conditioning Systems To Keep Your Restaurant Kitchen Cool

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‘If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen’ may be a tired old cliche, but one based on an unavoidable truth — commercial kitchens get very, very hot. The accumulated heat from multiple commercial-grade stoves, ovens and hot water systems running simultaneously can make the kitchen of the most modest restaurant a stifling hot place to work, and installing an efficient air conditioning system is a must for the comfort, productivity and safety of your chefs, cooks and servers. Read More»

3 Reasons to Use Screw Piles for Your Barn

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Building a barn on your homestead means considering the construction from the ground up. You will need to consider everything from the foundation to the material used on the barn. You will also need to consider your weather and the strength of the barn during that weather. If this sounds like the point you are at with your barn building project, consider the following three reasons that you need to use screw piles in the construction. Read More»

Stainless Steel Fabrication: Three Crucial Tips for Preventing Discolouration

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Stainless steel is favoured over carbon steel for certain custom metal fabrications designed for commercial and industrial use because of the material’s resistance to discolouration and oxidation in the presence of air and water. Unfortunately, there is no metal which is completely impervious to the changes which occur in an uncontrolled environment. In simple terms, stainless steel will remain appealing and structurally sound if there are no harsh ambient conditions. However, if the fabricated stainless steel product is exposed to some adverse surroundings, you will notice the loss of the original shine and other signs of deterioration. Read More»

What is the best slimline tank material to use for industrial purposes?

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Slimline tanks are useful for storing water in a convenient and cost-effective manner. As water continues to become a scarce resource around the world, industries in Australia are facing the challenge of maintaining adequate water reserves to facilitate their operations. Indeed, industries require a consistent water supply to use as a raw material and to cool and lubricate their machines. Slimline tanks are becoming popular options for large water tanks because they are portable, convenient to use and install, and they don’t compromise on water capacity. Read More»

Why Polyethylene Water Tanks Are Best for Hilly Homes

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Both steel and polyethylene (plastic) water tanks have their pros and cons. For example, stainless steel tanks are the most durable, while polyethylene tanks are the most rust-resistant. For most homeowners, there is an equal number of pros and cons for each option. However, if your property sits on hilly, rugged land, a plastic water tank can offer you unique benefits that steel tanks simply don’t have. Here are 3 reasons why you should choose polyethylene for your hilly home water tank. Read More»

What to Know about Replacing Water Pumps on Farmland

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If you have a sustainable farming business, then you may be looking to expand your land. As you expand, you may find that there are old wells on the property that can are still operational. The issue with these wells is that some will need pump repair and replacement at some point. That point may be sooner rather than later. If this is the case, there are a few things you need to know about replacing these water pumps with industrial models. Read More»