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Reasons Why Steel Fabricators Prefer Tungsten Welding for Joinery

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Steel is one of the most popular metals used in building and construction. The significant benefits of steel include its high tensile strength, durability, malleability and high yield point. One of the major determinants of the structural integrity of items fabricated with steel is the welding process used to bring the parts of the metal together. Tungsten Arc Welding(GTAW) is the most common and popular welding process for steel. Here are the reasons why fabricators prefer this method.

The quality of the product

When an expert in welding does GTAW, they can have great control over the entire area that needs to be welded. This leads to superior quality welds, especially when the person performing the welding can maintain cleanliness throughout the process. For maximum purity during the fabrication process, impurities such as oil, moisture and dirt must be eliminated from the surfaces being welded together. Dirt reduces the strength and durability of the weld and could ruin the entire outcome.

The cost of the process

When compared to the other welding processes that are in common use, GTAW is very cheap. The equipment needed is easy to access, and when properly maintained, there is no need to keep replacing it. Note that the process does not involve the use of gas, which further lowers the cost incurred throughout the process. 

Ease of operation

When using other welding methods, you have to worry about having a shielding gas to protect the product from environmental impurities. Arc welding can be completed in any environment, including heavy rain and outdoors in the presence of air. The welding process is not particularly prone to damage that results from spattering.

There are many other benefits that make GTAW one of the best ways to weld together stainless steel. It is important to note that while tungsten arc welding works on rusty metal, the results are not as pleasant as when the metal is clean. Welders also need to be highly skilled in the process to minimise the amount of waste produced by the process, because most of the times there is a lot of waste involved. Finally, when thin strips of steel are involved in the welding process, the welders need to be very careful and precise about the process to avoid making weak and insufficient joints. Generally, when the right processes and procedures are followed, GTAW is the best way to weld stainless steel. 

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