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What to Know about Replacing Water Pumps on Farmland

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If you have a sustainable farming business, then you may be looking to expand your land. As you expand, you may find that there are old wells on the property that can are still operational. The issue with these wells is that some will need pump repair and replacement at some point. That point may be sooner rather than later. If this is the case, there are a few things you need to know about replacing these water pumps with industrial models.

Industrial Options

When you find that a water pump needs to be replaced on your farm, you may also find yourself faced with another question. The original pump may be decades old. The pump may also be a traditional water pump that only handles smaller quantities of water. This could be due to what the pump was original used for and how often it was used. If this is the ase, you may want to consider going with an industrial pump.

This is especially true if you will be using that particular well to supply large amounts of livestock or crops with fresh water on a routine basis. The industrial pumps may be able to handle a considerable increase in water usage where a traditional water well pump may not.

Filters and Cleaning

Depending on how many pumps you are replacing, and the location of those pumps, you may want to consider the filters and cleaning involved. You will need to know what the maintenance schedule of the pumps should be, how they should be cleaned, and how often any applicable filters will need to be replaced. This can have a significant impact on your farms budgeting and profit margins. You may also find that some industrial water pumps are more suited for your budget in the long time based on the filters needed and cleaning schedule.

Redrilling Options

If you are expanding your farmland, and you find an increased number of small pump houses and wells, you may find that merging the wells into one is best. This will mean looking at drilling options, closing off the old wells, removing the old pumps, and going with a water pump option that can handle the increased centralized output.

If you are ready to move forward with water pump replacement on your farmland, consider contacting your local industrial water pump supply company. They can help you with pricing and help with installation questions. They can also help you narrow down the right pump for your needs.