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Aspects to Consider When Ordering Formwork Tubing for Column Construction

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Innovation is essential to winning contracts in the construction industry. Further, clients are always on the lookout for contractors that work within tight schedules, thereby allowing for cost saving. The use of formatubes in the construction of columns is one such innovation. Notably, a lot of work has gone into the formatube technology, and as a construction contractor, it is critical to keep abreast with such milestones. This article highlights some of the latest developments that you should consider when purchasing formatubes.

Ease of Removal — Although formatubes have reduced the workload for contractors concerning the construction of columns, removal of the forms once the columns have set remains a time-consuming task. Most formwork tubing that is currently in the market requires the use of sheer force to remove the tube from the columns. Also, workers have to use a knife to cut the tubing from top to bottom, then slide the formwork from the column. However, research and developments in the construction industry has given rise to a new kind of formwork tubing that only requires the pull of a strip tape. Once the concrete has set for 24-36 hours, all that a worker has to do is pull tape on the side of the tubing all the way down, then peel off the tubing. The worker does not need a knife, which makes the new technology a safer option.

Pre-determined Patterns — Aesthetics is the name of the game in the construction industry. Contractors spend lots of time coming up and installing designs on concrete columns that will appeal to the customers. Formwork tubing that is currently available in the market only allows decoration through engraving or painting, both of which are time-consuming and expensive. To avoid the hassle, construction contractors should go for tubing that has a predetermined pattern on the inside part. Once the concrete is poured and allowed to set, the column takes the shape of the pattern, thereby producing an aesthetically appealing finish. There is no need for additional decoration when you use the new type of formatube, which saves money and time.

Flexible Wall Structure — When transporting formwork tubes, proper care is essential to avoid deformation of the tubes. Most tubes will not go back to their original shape once they bend during transportation mainly because they are made of a rigid wall structure. To eliminate the problem, researchers have come up with formatubes that have a flexible wall structure. It ensures that the tubes regain their original shape once filled with concrete. Besides, the flexibility eliminates waste, thereby enabling cost saving.