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3 Reasons to Use Screw Piles for Your Barn

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Building a barn on your homestead means considering the construction from the ground up. You will need to consider everything from the foundation to the material used on the barn. You will also need to consider your weather and the strength of the barn during that weather. If this sounds like the point you are at with your barn building project, consider the following three reasons that you need to use screw piles in the construction. 

Secure Foundation

If harsh weather, like severe flooding or heavy winds, are problems in your area, then screw piles in the foundation may help. The screw piles offer the benefit of securing the ground under and around the area. The screws help reduce the erosion of the area from flooding which helps reduce shifting of the foundation and the barn. It also helps to reduce problems with the walls and the structure itself, which can make the roofing weak. The screws can also help secure the foundation during heavy winds, helping to keep the structure itself in place and reduce the chances of collapse.

Multiple Layer Support

If you have land that has multiple layers of dirt, with each layer having a different density, then screw piles can help. Screw piles can help reduce the drilling and vibration from the drilling through levels of hard and soft ground. The reduced vibration can help reduce chances of loosening too much dirt causing a shift once the barn is placed. Once placed, the screw piles can hold tightly to the different layers of dirt causing a reduced chance in the foundation or supports become loose over time.

Speedy Installation

Traditional methods of securing the foundation and building can take a significant amount of time. This time can go to drilling the land, securing the area, and putting in erosion reducing techniques. The use of screw piles can be done quickly and easily, placed where they need to be using a smaller amount of equipment, and can reduce the need for erosion reducing techniques. This all leads to a quicker installation and move through the building process.

If you are ready to move forward with your barn building and the use of screw piles for that building, contact your local construction store. They can help you with sizes, ordering, and any pricing questions you may have. Also, check with your local construction supply store regarding equipment hire to help drill the holes for your screw piles.