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Use Laser Technologies to Redesign Your Food Packaging Strategy

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Food packaging is not usually thought of as a sexy area of product design. The design of milk cartons, crisp packets and microwave meal containers has not changed much in recent years, despite a high level of competition in the grocery retail sector. But looks can be deceiving. If you are looking for a way to make your food products stand out from other brands, packaging is actually a great place to start. Read More»

Powder Coating: Contamination Control to Prevent Surface Defects

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Powder coating is arguably preferable to wet spray painting due to its durability, high-quality finish, and resistance to corrosion. The process can give any shade to metal, from bright colors to neutral ones, and even combined tones. Surface contaminants can deteriorate the quality of powder coating finish and cause surface defects to metal. Adopting good contamination control in your manufacturing industry can help control these contaminants and produce a defect-free finish. Read More»

Three Steps To Troubleshooting Your Industrial Water Pump Woes

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When your industrial water pump is not working as it should, the downtime trying to troubleshoot need pump repairs costs you money. Water pumps are generally a central part of the cooling process for your machinery, and without it you risk machines overheating. If your water pump is giving you issues, here are three trouble-prone areas to check first. Seals Leaking It is normally apparent that a seal in the water pump has failed by the pooling of water on the floor. Read More»