Choosing the Best Handrails for Your Home or Office

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Applications of Stainless Steel Handrails in the Home

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As the name clearly suggests, handrails are rails that can be held onto so as to provide support or stability. Hence, handrails are crucial safety components when installed in the home. Thanks to their incredible robustness, stainless steel handrails are one of the best-selling types of handrails on the market. There are so many areas in the home that can benefit from the installation of stainless steel handrails. Let's take a look at what some of these areas are.


Located on the exteriors of a building, balconies can impact the kerb appeal of a home. It is, therefore, important for homeowners to install handrails that can not only provide sufficient support for their balconies but also enhance the overall aesthetics of the home. Aside from that, the handrails should be weatherproof, as there are lots of elements out there, such as rain and humidity, which can compromise the structural integrity and beauty of the products. 

Stainless steel handrails are ideal products for balconies. They come in a range of attractive paint and metallic finishes, which are also meant to protect the underlying material from premature deterioration due to exposure to the elements. This way, homeowners can enjoy lifelong service from their balcony handrails while keeping their homes looking good year in and year out at the same time.

Staircase systems

Another common application of handrails in homes is in staircase installations. Staircase users are constantly exposed to the risk of slip and fall accidents, which are often devastating when they occur. Those moving up or down staircases can hold onto handrails for support or stability in case they miss a step so as to prevent slips or falls that may result in serious injury. If you've not yet incorporated handrails into your residential stairways, you're missing out on an essential safety element. 

Aside from being incredibly strong as earlier mentioned, stainless steel handrails are easy to keep clean. This may come as a welcome relief for homeowners who want to install robust, low-maintenance staircase handrails.

Pool areas

The use of handrails is not just limited to the house, but also outdoor features, such as the pool area. Often, the handrails are installed in residential pools so as to provide a stable support for those entering or leaving the pool. Stainless steel handrails make a perfect choice for pool areas because they have a protective layer that shields against possible corrosion.

Keep these ideas for stainless steel handrails in mind.