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Different kinds of metal welding services

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Industries and manufacturing companies all over the world play a vital role in the development and advancement of societies. They highly contribute to the high standards of living you enjoy on a daily basis. Structures, resources and equipment play a significant part in the evolution of manufacturing companies and industries, which are created through metal fabrication. In turn, metal fabrication entails welding in many of the fabrication projects. Welding enables fabrication of metal materials to create a final product to be used for a particular purpose. As a metal fabricator, you should be well versed with the various kinds of welding processes and how they can be best applied. The following are several welding services you can add to your current welding knowledge and skill set.

Gas Tungsten Arc

Gas tungsten arc is a type of metal welding service that uses tungsten electrodes to generate the required weld. This welding process is unique as the electrode does not get consumed when you carry out a welding project. This is because the particular weld region is protected by inert gases like helium or argon, which prevents atmospheric contamination during welding.

Shielded Metal Arc

Shielded metal arc is a type of metal welding service that uses an electrode with a protectant flux coat. The electrode is held firmly by a uniquely designed electrode holder, and the arc is produced by using either an alternating or direct current. The electric current makes the electrode stick to melt, which also melts and bonds the fabricated metal. This welding process generates a vapour that shields the welding region from any form of contamination.

Submerged Arc

Submerged arc is a type of metal welding service that requires consumable electrodes that are inserted automatically during the welding process. This service also requires a coat of granular melting flux that consists of lime, manganese oxide, and silica among others to fully submerge the welding region to avoid contamination.

Flux-cored Arc

Flux-cored arc is a type of metal welding service that employs the use of an exceptional tubular wire in its welding process. The tubular wire contains flux that is used to shield the welding spot from external contamination. The filler material in the tube may also be gas, which is another effective protective agent.  

Gas Metal Arc

Gas metal arc is a type of metal welding service that uses a welding gun to hold and melt the electrode stick during the welding process. An inert gas like argon is sprayed all over the welding region to offer protection from atmospheric contamination. This service is used by many metal fabricators due to its simplicity and versatility.