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What Are the Benefits of Building with Recycled Clay Brick?

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A large quantity of solid waste is usually generated when buildings made of traditional clay brick are brought down. If this waste is not taken to a recycling facility that can accept it, it will end up in a landfill, increasing the acreage of land filled with solid waste. This is not a desirable thing given that land is a physical asset that is fixed in supply. The brick-recycling process is not merely about reducing the amount of construction waste that is sent to landfills. Several other benefits accrue to the process, particularly when it comes to the construction of new structures, such as floors, walls and even paving. Here are a few essential ones you should know about if you intend to embark on a new construction project anytime soon.

Strong and durable

The saying "old is gold" could not be any truer when recycled bricks are used as a construction material. This is because the traditional brick-pressing and firing methods through which brick is made makes it a strong material with a long lifespan. With proper cleaning, old bricks can be used again in another building or the material can be crushed into small pieces and reused for landscaping purposes. This adds to the overall longevity of recycled bricks.

Aesthetic value

The visual effect created when recycled brick is used as a construction material is usually one of a kind and pleasing to the eye. Reclaimed brick comes in an extensive range of natural tones and textures for achieving spectacular home designs. They are also found in a wide selection of patterns and earthy colours to match or complement whatever look you want your structure to have. It all just depends on the type of bricks used and how they are arranged.


Many people want to achieve high-quality construction results without spending a lot. If you are operating on a small budget, recycled brick is a construction material that will save you lots of dollars without compromising on the durability and aesthetics of your construction. For starters, traditional brick is made of natural clay, which is a readily available raw material. This contributes to the low-cost advantage of brick. Second, cleaning or crushing old brick does not require sophisticated technology, thus the recycling process is rather inexpensive.

Clearly, the benefits of building with recycled clay brick cannot be overlooked. You can gain from these benefits whether you are bring down an old structure so you can put up a new one, or you are building from scratch.