Choosing the Best Handrails for Your Home or Office

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Choosing The Best Air Conditioning Systems To Keep Your Restaurant Kitchen Cool

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‘If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen’ may be a tired old cliche, but one based on an unavoidable truth — commercial kitchens get very, very hot. The accumulated heat from multiple commercial-grade stoves, ovens and hot water systems running simultaneously can make the kitchen of the most modest restaurant a stifling hot place to work, and installing an efficient air conditioning system is a must for the comfort, productivity and safety of your chefs, cooks and servers. Read More»

Installation Guide for Electric Vibrating Motors

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The use of electric vibrating motors is commonplace in the industrial setup. These electric motors can be used in a wide range of industrial applications including conveyor belt systems, feeders, hoppers, screens and vibrating tables. Incorrect installation is one of the top causes of system failures associated with the use of electric vibrating motors. Let’s take a look at some of the essentials things required to ensure proper installation of the vibrating motors. Read More»

Three Steps To Troubleshooting Your Industrial Water Pump Woes

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When your industrial water pump is not working as it should, the downtime trying to troubleshoot need pump repairs costs you money. Water pumps are generally a central part of the cooling process for your machinery, and without it you risk machines overheating. If your water pump is giving you issues, here are three trouble-prone areas to check first. Seals Leaking It is normally apparent that a seal in the water pump has failed by the pooling of water on the floor. Read More»